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Never Ending Spooky Story.....
spooky tree It was a dark night and a man called Martin Stanton saw something in the sky at first he thought it was just an owl facing his car, but he was so SCARED he couldn't move!

Just up ahead he saw a house so he thought whether to get out and run like mad or just drive slowly? But when he started the engine the "things" disappeared but just as he set off the car started bouncing "what is going on? “Martin said.

He tried his best to get down to the house but he was blinded by the lights in the sky!

 He tried to steer it but he got into more trouble as he was heading for a ditch!!! "BANG!!!" he had crashed in the ditch and got knocked out!


When he woke in the morning he got out of his car cautiously but he remembered nothing from the night before, except the house, so he set off in search of the house, but he had walked for hours and there was no house!!!  Martin just passed the strange going's on as his mind playing tricks on him. 


To this day the mystery has still not been solved…or has it ?

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this chapter written by Robert